Bill and Ted 3: The Return of The Wyld Stallions

Jack Corsi

“I’m Bill S. Preston, Esquire! And I’m Ted “Theodore” Logan! And we’re… WYLD STALLYNS!” We first met the characters Bill and Ted, played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in 1989 in the classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Journey. Bill and Ted travel through history looking for historical icons for their oral history report. We then met our metal head duo again in the sequel called Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Where the duo is killed by clones of them, only to comeback and ultimately come back and defeat their clones and their leader De Nomolos. Then they finally boost their musical skills and play like they have never played before. We haven’t seen the duo together since 1991, but is it time for a return?

YES it is, Keanu Reeves announced that a 3rd installment of the series is in the works. The first draft of the script was completed earlier this year in April. These cult classics have shown us that even two metal heads can show us the ways to happiness. But will the third installment be anywhere as good as the previous two.

Well, it has the potential to be, but without the great George Carlin, the film may suffer. Carlin played Rufus, Bill and Ted’s futuristic guide first introduced in the original in 1989. Carlin died back in 2008, without Carlin this series third installment will feel incomplete. Even placing another comedic genius in his space will not make the film feel the same. Carlin’s Rufus was the piece that made each of the other movies.

But Reeves and Winter will be able to do a 3rd without Carlin though. There has been speculation to the plot of the movie and the title. According to Reeves, Bill and Ted are working on a song that will save the world, but they are running out of time. The third installment, as Ted would say be “most triumphant”, to this day is still in the works. With the right name and the right supporting actors the 3rd film in this tri-fecta will be the best. In due time we will see the return of the greatest fictional duo that ever lived and they are “WYLD STALLIONS!”