Connor Donahue

The new age of music has risen, sweeping the nation’s highschool and college minds. Made from nothing more than computers and high tech equipment, techno is taking over.

One of the greatest minds in the world of techno is Deadmau5 (not a typo). Deadmau5, pronouced dead mouse, is the stage name for Joel Zimmerman, a Toronto based electro and house music sensation. DJ-ing and producing mainstream since 2005, he has toured the world and mainly North America.

Known for his mouse helmet and insane lights display, concerts are crazy. Performing locally at UMASS Amherst and the House of Blues in Boston, he has become popular as his tickets sold out with in a day.

Check out some of his most listened to songs in his new album 4×4=12:

Animal Rights

Some Chords

I Said (Micheal Woods Remix)


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