Still Winning: The Roast Of Charlie Sheen

Jack Corsi

Over the past few weeks, we have seen one of the best, Charlie Sheen get roasted by a cast of fellow actors/actresses and comedians. The Roast was one of the best viewers have seen, but was it the best? This was Comedy Centrals 11th roast; their list of the roasted includes Dennis Leary, Bob Saget, David Hasselhoff, and many more.

Viewers have seen these men and a few women be torn a part by the roasters in the previous years. But none were like the one with the tiger’s blood, the man they call Charlie Sheen. Sheen’s roast garnered over 6.4 million viewers from all around the world. This roast was by far one of the best, but it has tough contenders in the roasts of Bob Saget and the roast of Dennis Leary. These two roasts were amazing, and they had a great up and coming comedian in the late Greg Girardo. But even without the Girardo, the Sheen roast, made those two roasts look like amateur hour. The list of roasters ranges from Steve-O to the Baddest Man on the Planet Iron Mike Tyson. Before the beginning of the roast a montage of his greatest film and TV moments were played. All moments except clips of Two and a Half Men. Sheen then entered to a guitar solo played by the one the only Slash. The Roasters were all over Sheen like sharks on blood in the water. Every detail from Sheens life was brought up and was torn to shreds. This roast was easily the best roast Comedy Central has played to date. It blows the roasts of Saget, Leary, and others out of the water

Charlie Sheen is showing us through all that has gone on over the years that he is still in fact winning. The end of the roast as usual has the roasted finally get his chance for payback. The line of the night was said by Sheen during his rant, when he referenced his character Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn”. Sheen in a state of pride and happiness states “I’m Ricky (expletive) Vaughn”, the crowd roared after this. He was a good sport throughout, and showed us even when his issues were brought up he could take that psychological punch to the face. This Roast of Charlie Sheen is and always will be the best roast Comedy Central will ever produce.