Is The X Factor the new American Idol?!

Alicia Kutil

If any of you watched the premier of Fox’s new show The X Factor, two of the judges faces were awkwardly familiar…SIMON AND PAULA?!?! Yes, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul both left the top rated show in America, American Idol. For many, the lingering question is why would they leave one of the most popular shows in history of television and BOTH go to the same show?!

Well, for Paula, she left AIĀ in August of 2009 due to a ending contract and her greed for more and more money! Millions of dollars a year isn’t enough for sitting in a comfy chair and listening to America’s most talented singers sing?!

As for Simon Cowell, he is all about the money too. He created the new show The X Factor and is the executive producer. Although he makes TONS of money on American Idol he feels he will make more once The X Factor becomes as big as American Idol.

But why did both of these past AI judges both go to the same show? For many, they feel it is a slap in the face for AI but for others they are excited about the new show. According to Simon and Paula however, they both needed something new and needed a change. Paula claims Simon had contacted her and offered her a job on X Factor right after she quit AI. However, everyone is almost sure money played a huge part in their decisions.

Will The X Factor’s ratings top those of the unbeatable American Idol? Tune in to both shows to judge for yourself!