Lion King 3D, Is It The Same?

Bobby Dion

In 1994 there couldn’t of been a better way than to sit down with your family and experience a worldwide favorite called the Lion King.

When word hit the media that one of 94’s best Disney films was coming to 2011 in 3D, the feelings were skeptical and excited. Before the movie, I went around Patriots Place in Foxborough, MA asking people how they felt about the change in environment because of the 3D effects and it was 50/50.

Some preferred it and saw it to be a “blast” or an “adventure” says Foxborough locals. But some people saw it to be a ” sell-out” film and that they should of kept it the way it was.

From my personal viewing, I saw both sides because it was my favorite childhood movie and I wouldn’t want it changed but the experience was nice and it brings a clip of my childhood to a new generation.