New Girl Now Our Favorite Girl

Laura Cafasso

Zooey Deschanel is the complete package: funny, quirky, sweet and relatable to many young women. This could explain why her new FOX tv show “New Girl” is an instant hit, with an order of 11 more episodes to come, announced Wednesday by FOX executives and as reported by New York Daily News.

In a statement to the public, FOX entertainment boss Kevin Reilly applauded “New Girl” declaring that “we love the charming Zoey Deschanel and the entire cast.” We couldn’t agree more Kevin!

From the first episode, we learned of Jess’¬†(Zooey’s character) heartbreak, that almost extinguished her fun-spirited nature when her boyfriend cheats on her. But, from discovering an ad online, she finds refuge in the company of three guys as their roomate. Her new buddies include Schmidt, the arrogant ladie’s man, Nick the lovelorn bartender, and Winston the international basketball player. Just like the audience, these three guys fall for Jess too, and think of her as one of their friends. It makes this reporter feel and¬†other eccentric teenagers in this school feel that there is a place for us, and that’s just swell.