Not So Gleeful Anymore

Molly Bond

The ex-smash hit “Glee” was down 32% on its viewers the day of the season 3 premier on the twentieth of last month.

Last year, 12.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the season 2 premier of the small-town high school dramedy, while last month, only a depressing 8.9 million seemed to care.

So what happened to Glee? For one thing the characters, which started off as misfits with nowhere to go but their beloved choir room, are becoming harder to connect with. Despite the show’s message of “being yourself,” the characters continue vie for popularity, betraying each other time and time again. “The characters don’t feel genuine anymore,” says sophomore ex-Glee fan Laura Cafasso. “They’re phony.”

Perhaps, though, the show’s writers could have something up their sleeves. A reality show competition, “The Glee Project,” aired Sunday nights this summer on Oxygen. The goal of the show was initially to find twelve talented contenders, who would compete over a twelve-week time period for a seven-episode acting deal on Glee. The two winners, Samuel Larsen, 19, and Damian McGinty, 18, have yet to appear this season.

Could these two amateur actors save the show? Tune in this Tuesday on Fox at o’clock to find out.