“Two and a Half Men” is WINNING!

Sean McKeown

For the second week in a row “Two and a Half Men” has shown to be a hit. Last week the show was number one most watched show on television with 20.5 million viewers. That’s big news for CBS since they also have six of the top ten rated television shows.

Since Charlie Sheen left last year CBS has seen an increase in the viewership by about 3.1 percent. This is likely because of the interest in their new asset, Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher is the big name to take the place of the void without Sheen. He’s a top level actor that has acted in several successful movies and television shows.

There seems to be mixed reactions between fans that want to see the old Charlie Sheen and the fans that like Ashton Kutcher better. Paige Hardy says, “It’s not the same without Charlie Sheen. It’s not as funny.” But some fans think the show is given new life with the new character, Walden, played by Kutcher.

Whether or not you like the show, “Two and a Half Men” is WINNING on television. It’s a huge win for the CBS network. CBS having six of the top ten spots, including ranks one and two on the list, is big money for the network.

If it’s already too soon to predict a successful season, we should find out in the next couple episodes.