Jackson Family Waits for Justice

Paige Hardy

The trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is in the second week of witness testimony.

The doctor is charged with involuntary manslaughter. The prosecution claimed that he acted with gross negligence by giving Michael a fatal dose of Propofol for his insomnia in June of  2009.

Paramedics testified that they found no pulse and no signs of life when they got Michael’s home. They tried to resuscitate Michael for twenty minutes and when they couldn’t Doctor Cooper of the UCLA emergency room wanted to pronounce Michael “dead in the field” at one p.m but Doctor Murray wanted to keep trying the resuscitation in the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

Doctor Murray testified that he only gave Michael a sleep aide called Larazapam and not Propofol. The prosecution suggested that Doctor Murray was away from his patient for 45 minutes and brought in three of his girlfriends to say he was on the phone with them during the medical incident. Doctor Murray told investigators that he thought Michael may have become addicted to Propofol and was trying to wean him off of it.

The doctor’s defense team is saying Michael gave himself Propofol.