Snoop Dogg Branching Out to Family Friendly TV Gig

Laura Cafasso

It’s like trying to picture Paris Hilton building homes for hurricane victims, or Lindsay Lohan evading jail for another year. How can Snoop Dogg, notorious for being a bad boy rapper, possibly have anything to do with a T.V. family sitcom? I am just as perplexed as you, reader.

According to and Deadline, Snoop Dogg will play a father, and it would be a new venture for the network of NBC. The credit for this curious creation is attributed to Two and a Half Men  alum Don Reo who wrote the script and will also serve as a producer along with Snoop himself. This is not Reo’s first run with Snoop Dogg, they both worked together on a short lived show called Brothers.

I think I speak for all the concerned American public when I say Mr. Dogg should stick to rapping up a storm, instead of releasing one on our television screens. Also on Snoop Dogg’s agenda is filming the biopic The Legend of Fillmore Slim and a new single with Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa dubbed Young Wild & Free.