Real Steel KO’s for the Box Office Win

Sean McKeown

Hugh Jackman and his new movie “Real Steel” scored a huge win at the box office this weekend. No other movie even came close to the success that “Real Steel” drew. The movie that came in second was “The Ides of March” which brought in less than half the amount in revenue.

“Real Steel” produced $27.3 million knocking out all its competition. Many of the people who saw the movie gave it an A rating.

The movie takes place eight years in the future in the year 2020. It is a time when boxing with humans has been replaced by robots. The story follows Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), a former boxer, himself, who has now got into the trouble dealing with robot boxing. He finds himself in serious debt from gambling losses. He also doesn’t get to be with his son, Max, and he wants to prove himself to everyone, especially his son.

Hugh Jackman seems like a great pick for a character to play a rugged former boxer that is dealing with some trouble. His look and acting strengths seem to fit that type of character best.

Expect to see this movie continue to do well. People are enjoying it and there aren’t any other big movies out to even compete with on its level.