Lady Gaga’s Impact On Teens

Rachita Chaudhury

She’s bold, she’s crazy, and she’s everywhere. Lady Gaga is one of the most outrageous pop stars out there and sends a strong message of individuality. Has her influence affected us personally or has it yet to happen? Ever since her first big hit “Just Dance” came out in 2008, she has somehow managed to get, well in all honesty, weirder. There has definitely been a solid positive response to this because other singers such as Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are starting to come close to Gaga’s absurdity.

Gaga is an activist for gay and lesbian rights on top of being a singer/song writer. When asked, most FHS students said they did not feel that different because of Lady Gaga’s influence. Although, they did mention that there was definitely a change in the music industry atmosphere because of her.

Other students are in absolute awe of Lady Gaga because of her confidence. So many teens have trouble with self esteem and here comes Lady Gaga telling us to be ourselves and that we were all “Born This Way”.  Another major factor is those of our peers who have personal connections to the struggles of gays and lesbians. These students finally have a huge pop icon that supports them openly.

Sophomore Andrew Hartnett said “Lady Gaga definitely caused change but I feel like it was already started and she just hopped on the train”.

Looking around FHS today you can see some people dressed to the max and showing their big bright personalities via clothing, but they are a minority among us. Would these people be even scarcer among us if Lady Gaga hadn’t come around?

Not a big fan of Gaga’s music, Emily Lavallee gave a simple “No” when asked if she felt anything of Lady Gaga’s presence around her. On the other end of the spectrum, Austen Shumway claims to “absolutely love her”. Even if you aren’t a fan, it is hard to escape her catchy tunes and prevalent ideas.