Pop Icon Beyonce Starts Maternity Clothing Line

Molly Bond

The pregnant pop icon Beyonce announced her plans for a clothing line targeted at women in the later stages of maternity yesterday, with the goal of making women like her, who do not necessarily feel their most attractive at this point in their lives, appear and feel more edgy.

The 30-year-old has been influencing young women with her style since her “Destiny’s Child” days, which, fashion-wise, had a range from admirable elegance to sheer sassiness. Since then, Beyonce has been showcasing every possible style from flashy sequin blazers to fierce stiletto heels.

But how does this ferocious style translate to pregnant women, who not only crave chocolate, but their favorite sweats as well? The clothing line, dubbed “Beyonce Plus” by the woman herself, is not only meant for the women to look great, but feel their best as well. This means that the line will not include Beyonce’s usual leotards, but more comfortable, yet still flattering, articles of clothing.

Beyonce Plus is a continuation of the “House of Dereon” line that the pop star designs for with her mother, Tina.