Possible R-Rated Wolverine in the Works!

Sean McKeown, Sean McKeown, and Sean McKeown

Hugh Jackman has announced that a script is being created for a new movie titled “The Wolverine”. The movie is set to take place in Japan and is based on the 1980s graphic novel by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. The interesting twist that might make you want to see this is that it could be rated-R.

When I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I really thought that they could do a lot more with character. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie because I’m a huge Wolverine fan. But, the Wolverine I like is the UGLY, RUGID, and ANIMALISTIC Wolverine. With the PG-13 rating they couldn’t fully detail out Wolverine’s true personality.

A rated-R picture would be a movie worth seeing. This is because it is the correct format that Wolverine was meant to be in. And the students seem to agree. Jake Gookin says, “I have to go see it if it is going to be rated-R.” And indeed you must, if you’re 17 or older. This would be the perfect movie to go see with your friends because it has everything our demographic wants to see.

Keep in mind though; this wouldn’t be the sugar-coated PG-13 version of Wolverine we see in the X-Men movies. X-Men Origins: Wolverine also tried to put a bunch of the X-men characters in the story as cameos. If they did that, I think it would detract from the story. So hopefully this won’t be an X-Men movie. And since they are basing it on a graphic novel that didn’t include any X-Men (except Wolvie), I think they won’t.

Connor Vail brought up one important fact that is certainly a major factor in the decision of what audience to target. He said, “It would be great for the older fans like me or the comic book fan in his 40’s. But for parents of kids it would get a bad reception”. This is true; it would eliminate an entire audience of kids that have parents that are strict. Making it PG-13 would likely increase ticket sales. And isn’t it all about the money?

The point should be, if basing it on the true character of Wolverine, to maximize the vision of the Wolverine comic. In my expert opinion, they should attempt to truly capture the essence of his character, no matter how edgy it is. And do it for the loyal fans!

Sean McKeown is FOR a true depiction of Wolverine!