Popular music at FHS!

Aleena Abraham and Aleena Abraham

It seems that these days there are new albums coming out from different artists everyday. Whether its a new Eminem CD or a Demi Lovato track everyone seems to be all over it.  So a question came to me, what kind of music do FHS students enjoy listening too?

“Many people are really serious and judgmental about music. They can get really defensive over it, and make fun of what other people listen too. But i just like music that’s fun or cool. I’m not into a specific genre. I listen to a variety” says Caroline Cafasso a freshman at Franklin High.

When asking Hannah McCarthy she responded “Rap and country, I like the beats.”

Haley Frank says she listens “to alternative music because its different from other music and other times I listen to pop”

When asked what kind of music she enjoyed, Jess Ward, also a ninth grader says “I have a very diverse taste in music. I really like when a song is real. I prefer when a song has real instruments, real voices and a real message as opposed to a song all about partying.”

“I like to listen to a little bit of everything because there are just so many good artists. I kind of avoid the more popular stuff sometimes and look for less known songs” says Heidi Gleichauf, a sophomore at Franklin High School.

So my conclusion? The taste of music here at FHS is as diverse as the students here. These are just a few students opinions on music, what are yours? Comment your thoughts!!