Something you will not want to miss: Cabaret 2011!

James MacLean

Cabaret shined on opening night Tuesday October 18th. Following the tradition of girls dressing up as guys and guys dressing up as girls, Theatre 2 opened the show with a dance to “Wilkommen.” Theatre 2 continued to shine with one of their own, senior Olivia Taylor with her friends Ricky Thorne and Andrew Perrin singing “Bloodbank.” More of Theatre 2 came onstage with the skit TGI Tuesdays, having juniors Craig Anderson and John Ryan and senior Peter French. They imitated the restaurant TGI Fridays and the three high schoolers pulled it off making the crowd roar with laughter. Senior Kayla Cormier was up next with her dance to the song “Walking on the Sun,” showing off her unique dance moves. One of the highlights of the night was sophomore Tatyana Youssef sang Adele’s latest single, “Someone Like You.” Youssef is knwon for her strong vocals and she blew the audience away again with her amazing rendition of the song. Finally, Theatre 3 came to the stage with their seniors Alex Delucia, Nick Bertoni, Zach Pisani, Tucker Des Lauriers, Tyler Buck, Sarah Carlisle, Blake W. and Jason D. with the Spice Boys. Names like Hairy Spice, the crowd could not stop laughing and it was clears these boys were a hit. Junior Taylor Lewis came in with another dance to “Brands Room,” putting the audience in awe with her incredible dance moves. With freshman Jess Ward singing “Once Upon a December” from the movie Anastasia, she proved that even though this is her first year in FHS this was not her first time singing. The boys of Theatre 3 came back with Planet Fitness, and Marcus Burke Hill and Aili Bakalar showed off their skills in the skit as well. Theatre 1 showed off their skills with freshman Austin Shumway, sophomore Sammy Healey and senior Meghan Kinney singing Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” as the class danced. Sarah Addi, who is always amazing sang another Gaga song “You and I” on the piano, closing off Act 1.

With Act 1 closing, the audience had no idea what to expect with Act 2 and wondered how they could possibly beat the skits from Act 1. Opening with Act 1, a heartbreaking and courageous story from a Veteran who lost almost the whole second half of his body in the war. Donations were made across the audience, and it was impossible to not want to for this man who had been through so much already. The band Hawthorne with juniors Alex Simpson, Jake Handel, Reagan McCann singing . Tanning showed seniors Nicholle Shiner, Zach Pisani, Jordanna Cardinnal, and Queen Butahue shining the stage as the hilarious skit made fun of the tanning craze. Senior Sarah Addi came back with another senior Anna Gallagher singing Amy Winehouses, “Valerie” with just mics in front of them. A shot back to the late 90’s was made with “The Girls Room” from “The Amanda Show” having Theatre 2 boys Connor Morrisette, Craig Anderson, Dakota Craig, John Ryan and Peter French show off their comedy side again. Taylor Lewis returned with her Theatre 1 class to show off their dance to to “Cat Daddy Dougie.” Seniors Ricky Thorne and Andrew Perren were able to come back onstage for their song “Soco”, and the skit Abercrombie with seniors Tucker, Nick, Zach Pisani and Ricky Thorne  kept showing how funny these boys are. Having four singers on stage can be risky but with the next song “Pumped Up Kicks” with singers Tatyanna, Sarah Addi, Anna Gallagher and Meghan Kinney blew everyone away with each of their amazing vocals and junior Jack Vignone on guitar. Trying to imitate SNL can be hard but Theatre 2 was able to do it with the hilarious Olivia Taylor going wild with “Class Presentation.” She showed that even with her quiet voice she can be hilarious! “Umbrella” was the dance given from the guys and girls of Theatre 3 coming out in all black with umbrellas. Closing the show like last year, Cabaret was sang by Sarah Addi and Anna Gallagher, but this year they were joined by another Theatre 3 member Meghan Kinney. The girls voices meshed perfectly and ended the show on a high note.

So come to Cabaret tonight at 7pm! Make sure to show up around 6:30 to buy tickets and get a seat! The show is great and it sure something you will not want to miss!