“Do you hear that Sound In the Hall?”

Karley Newton

Franklin High is known for fabulous sports teams, great test scores, and wonderful team spirit. But few people know that we also have a very successful radio station, and music recording business called Sound in the Hall Records. Broadcasting from live365.com, Franklin High students DJ shows, and provide music from both local and up and coming music artists from all over the world.

Along with a very successful radio station, Sound in the Hall is also a recording studio that helps produce local artists’ music, and get their sound heard. Songwriters, and musicians work together to develop original songs for local artists, and record them right in our school!

Students also act as scouts, always on the lookout for new music that is worthy of a listen. “It’s cool being able to find new music, and have it played on a radio station,” says Nick Courtois, a junior at Franklin High. “I spend a lot of time looking for music anyway, so it’s awesome to actually have a purpose when I do it no

Sound in the Hall is always looking for new artists, songwriters, A&R people, and technology students who want an inside look at the music business. If you love music, check it out, and be a part of Franklin High’s record label!