Is Twitter Here to Stay?

Karley Newton

With websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and even Myspace, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the students of our generation are permanently glued to technology. So that’s why it was no surprise when twitter became instantly popular with students at Franklin High, as if overnight!

Suddenly, everyone is talking about “that funny tweet they just posted”, and asking their friends to “retweet it” in order for it to gain more popularity on the site. Even Franklin High as caught the twitter bug, and now as three twitters that mention important sports, and other school related news; the links to which can be found on Pantherbook’s main page. But the sudden buzz over the website leaves outsiders wondering what the big deal is about it.

“I don’t see the appeal”, says one junior, “it’s just like a status update on Facebook… no one even reads them.” Although Twitter seems to have collected some critics throughout the school, those who tweet tell a very different story. Katie Davis, a Junior at Franklin High says, “I thought it was so dumb as first. But then I got a twitter just to see what it was all about, and I can’t stop tweeting! It’s so simple and pretty stupid, but it’s definitely addicting.”

It’s sudden popularity definitely leaves everyone at FHS questioning how long it will be around for. Will it become one of our staple websites, like Facebook, or just fade in our minds like our Middle School MySpace days? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Franklin High is Twitter crazy.