Jersey Shore Star changes zip code to 90210

James MacLean

He is known for his GTL and his crazy antics on MTV’s Jersey Shore, but Vinny Guadagnino is leaving Jersey for now and traveling to the hit CW show “90210.” Early November will showcase the episode that stars Vinny as a “big, cocky celebrity taking Liam under his wing while on a trip in Las Vegas.” While this character may sound a little more like someone else from “Jersey Shore”, apparently Vinny is a great actor said by the fellow castmates at the CW show.

But can he truly pull off the character? He has been seen in two other shows “The Gate of Fallen Angels” and most recently in another MTV show, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” A sophomore at FHS who¬†has seen the episode and says, “I was really surprised to see Vinny in a show where he had to act. I was pleasantly surprised by his acting skills, he really is a good actor and comedian in his role.” 90210 though is not a comedy but a teen drama. While it is unknown on exactly how he is in the episode, junior Ellie Mancini who is a huge fan of 90210 says, “I hope he is really good! I really like Jersey Shore and 90210 so to see them come together may be good but could also be bad.”

Vinny’s fellow castmates have given him encouraging words, and he is also rumored to be returning after his stint on 90210 for more epsiodes. The writers and producers of the television show have been in talks with Guadagnino about returning for multiple episodes. This could mean that Vinny could be turning into a television star and so far no one else from Jersey Shore has appeared as an actor in a tv show. We all wish Vinny luck, and make sure to tune in both this Thursday for the season finale of Jersey Shore at 10pm and 90210 every Tuesday night on the CW at 8pm.