Paranormal Activity Breaks Record and Scares Audiences Throughout America

James MacLean

The opening weekend of Paranormal Activity 3 made the record books this weekend earning $54 million, becoming the largest horror movie opening and September/October opening ever. $107 million was made from the first of the trilogy, in box offices overall. The question is, will the movie continue to go strong throughout the next few weekends?

The movie starts with flashbacks of the two sisters, Katie and Kristi, in Kristi’s future baby’s room. Scenes are shown from the second installment including the “burgulary” scene and the basement scene.

What starts with old home videos continues with another flashback continuing throughout the movie with the sisters experiencing Kristi’s “imaginary friend” Toby. The sisters have a mother who is an nonbeliever and their stepfather is the one who shoots all the videos, like Micah and Daniel from the first two movies.

The haunts turn from childish (like pushing Katie into a cabinet like storage area in the girl’s room) to a “bloody mary” incident leaving Katie in tears. The haunts grow worse, leaving the girls mom, Julie, and stepfather, Dennis, to finally leave the house. The ending is the most unexpected but possibly uncreative. The movie does leave fright in the audience and questioning whether this could possibly happen.

So if you’re looking for a good scare and wanting to see how Katie and Kristi were when they were younger, see Paranormal Activity 3.  The movie leaves the questions that have been unanswered from the previous two movies.