Emma Watson Taking off from Movies?

James MacLean and James MacLean

Harry Potter‘s brainy and lead woman Emma Watson is going from Hogwarts to her real life school Oxford. Watson, who is now 21, has gone from Brown University in the States, to the English school Oxford. Emma tells her fans on Monday the 17th that they should expect to see less from the star. She tweeted, “You might not hear from me for a while because I will be really busy studying.”

When she was at Brown, it is reported that she was being picked on by the other students. But Emma tells that she was not aware of any bullying and she transferred to Oxford to take a different course.

Harry Potter had been the childhood for many of the students in FHS and to hear that one of the main stars will be taking a break from acting does make others sad to not see a star they love. Junior Jenna Chaplin tells, “Harry Potter is a story that I will always love and the movies are almost as amazing. To hear that Emma is taking a break does make me sad but I am ok knowing that she is going to do what she wants and hope to see her in other movies soon.”

While Emma is taking a break, after Harry she was announced to be taking place in two other films, My Week With Marilyn and another film adaption based upon a famous book, Perks of Being a Wallflower. Both movies are reported to come out late 2011 and some time in 2012 for Perks.