Charlie Sheen is back!

Sarah Fitzgerald

We all know Charlie Sheen, he’s the famous ex Two and a Half Men star and he starred in the hilarious “Scary Movie” franchise. But we also know him as the goofball who who can’t get enough of his drugs and alcohol. Believe it or not, he has actually found a home on FX.  Congrats, Charlie!

He will be starring as the lead in the new show,  “Anger Management” which airs in the summer of 2012. The show is said to be based on the 2003  Jack Nicholson movie of the same name. John Landgraf and Chuck Saftler also star in this show; but will Anger Management dominate over Two and a Half Men? Sheen has also landed another role for an upcoming movie, “She Wants Me” which premieres in 2012. The movie is about a neurotic writer working on his film who gets into a tricky situation when an A-List actress shows interest in the role intended for his girlfriend.

Although Charlie has not been the best role-model to his fans, he is making his way back to the top!