Damian McGinty: Glee’s New Lucky Charm!

Leah Canonico

Damian McGinty, co-winner of Oxygen’s hit series, “The Glee Project” (which I watched religiously) made his television debut on Tuesday, November 1st on Glee.

Damian, an ex-member of the all male singing group “Celtic Thunder” used his outgoing (and adorable!) personality and crooning, jazzy voice to make his way up to the final two, also including Samuel Larsen. However, the judges couldn’t decide between the two of them, and deemed them both winners.

On his debut episode of Glee, “Pot O’ Gold”, Damien is introduced as an Irish foreign exchange student named Rory Flanagan, the perfect character for this Northern Ireland native. Being the new kid, Rory is subjected to bullying, aka, being shoved into lockers every five seconds. He tries to find salvation with Brittany S. Pears, who only likes him because she believes he is a leprechaun! He also finds a friend in Finn, who is looking to recruit more members for New Directions after Mercedes, one of their strongest singers (and biggest divas!) leaves the group for more spotlight action.

What do people in musical comedies do in times of trouble?  SING of course! Damian woos audiences with his rendition of “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, and to wrap up the episode, he sings “Take Care of Yourself” as his audition for New Directions, which shows off his incredible range. “I died when I heard him sing,” says “Gleek” Kelsey Baker, an FHS senior. “He fits in great with the rest of the glee cast!” And it’s true — Damian was made for glee. The only question is, when will Rory find himself a dame?! After all, he’s way too cute to roam the halls of Mckinley alone.