Project Runway Season 9

Since its first season launch, Project Runway has captivated fashion lovers everywhere. The in depth look into the process to becoming a fashion designer shows it is not all fun and games, but actually requires immense skill and the innovation to step outside the box. Not only does the show reveal the in and outs of designing clothes, but includes personal connections to each of the contestants which ultimately leaves everyone with a favorite.

After finally joining the project runway bandwagon this season I realized now why people enjoy it so much. Immediately, I was drawn to Laura Kathleen just because of her barbie girl presence and girly style. Unfortunately, she was sent home prematurely before the NYC Fashion Week showing of the final 4 hopefuls.

It became a battle of both technique and personality for the final four who all worked tirelessly for a winning collection. Josh, the outspoken one with a preference for every neon fabric under the sun, worked to show his mother his talents. Victor, an Mexican immigrant used his ethic background as inspiration in the final showing while adding sophistication with precise tailoring. Kimberly, another promising candidate for the title used an urban influence in her designs while adding glam through bright color choices. The final contestant, Anya, revealed a beachy collection encompassing her Trinidadian roots.

The final show at NY fashion week proved each designer deserved their position as a finalists. After deliberation from each of the famous judges, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia, Anya  was chosen as the winner.

Some are skeptical if she truly deserved the victory because of her limited knowledge in the industry and lack of sewing abilities. Nonetheless, Anya shows great diversity and aesthetic in her original designs.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Anya remarked on her win as ” It’s really overwhelming. I came from not expecting to go past the casting because of my sewing skills … it’s just the most unbelievable story, and I’m just along for the ride.”

Who was your favorite this season?