19 Kids and Counting… Guess Again!

Sarah Fitzgerald

The Duggars aren’t your average family. In fact, they’re almost 7 times the size of an average family. They’re definitely one of the most famous families in America. And while raising 19 kids can be a challenge, for the Duggars, it comes with more than its share of rewards. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, are expecting their 20th child this spring. The Duggars are teaching all of their children to be responsible, values driven, servants to others and genuinely caring human beings.  They give much and take nothing from others.  They truly love their family and contribute in a positive way to our society as a whole.

Michelle Duggar’s fight for survival during her last pregnancy with Josie isn’t stopping her from having another baby. Michelle is already 3 months into her pregnancy and says she is far past the “sickness stage”.  The Duggar Family plans to welcome their 20th addition in April of 2012. The 45 -year- old Mom is not stopping and says that she is ready to have another baby… as if 19 kids isn’t enough for her! The Duggars are already parents to Joshua, 23; twins Jana and John-David, 21; Jill, 20; Jessa, 19; Jinger, 17; Joseph, 16; Josiah, 15; Joy-Anna, 14; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12; Jason, 11; James, 10; Justin, 8; Jackson, 7; Johanna, 6; Jennifer, 4; and Jordyn, 3, and Josie, 11 months. Joshua, who is the eldest child, already has 2 kids of his own, Mackyzine, 2, and Michael, 4 months.

No one really knows for sure when the Duggars will end their enormous family chain, but Michelle and Jim Bob are strong people and never seem to get tired of having more and more kids. Who knows how Michelle and JimBob handle 19 kids and counting, but may the best of luck be with them upon the arrival of their 20th child!