Season 7 of ‘Bones’ Brings Booth, Brennan, and a Baby!

Leah Canonico

Yep, thats right! Brennan and Booth are finally back, and this time there’s a baby on board! The long awaited seventh season premiere brought so many sweet moments between everyone’s two favorite characters, I could barely contain the numerous “awwwwww’s” that escaped me.

Season seven picked up right where season six left off — well, sort of. There are a lot of “firsts” in the episode, including the first time the audience hears the lovebirds exchange “I love you’s” (awwwwww!) and the first time the audience sees Hodgins’ and Angela’s baby! (double awww!) This is also the first time we see Brennan and Booth talk about living together, and getting married!

Booth insists on getting their own place together, but Brennan denies that it’s the right thing to do “in this economy”. She makes her usual obscure references to try and provide justification for her feelings (this time, it was about the Iroquois’) but having a talk with Angela changes her mind, and by the end of the episode, Brennan surfs the internet for sky high priced houses (because being a multi-millionare, she can do that) while Booth watches the football game.

Another issue is the prospect of marriage;  Booth says if they ever do get married, Brennan will be the one asking him. He wants to know for sure that she’s ready to make the commitment… understandable. How many times have we heard Brennan say she hates marriage and doesn’t believe in it? Still, Booth hasn’t given up hope and still wants to stick around. Whatta guy.

Don’t worry, true “Bones” fans, Booth and Brennan haven’t changed a bit. The partnership is still there, the flirty banter is still there, and there still the same people, except Brennan is a little larger and little more emotional. As she analyzed the remains in Season 7’s first crime investigation, Brennan started crying (due to hormones of course, not sadness at the crime). Senior Merrie Cook called the episode “hilarious” and is “happy with the transition”.

The episode was very well balanced between Booth & Brennan’s relationship and the crime solving. The crime part was a little hard to follow (this may have been because I was too absorbed in Booth & Brennan), but other than that, the movement of the plot between seasons was natural and believable.