‘Aim High’ a killer new series

Tori Moses and Tori Moses

Don’t you ever wish you could be a CIA secret agent in high school? Well you can’t, but you can watch Nick Green as he struggles to balance surviving high school and being a top government assassin in the new online web series “Aim High”. Nick Green, played by Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone (finally losing the bleach blond hair and crazy eyes stare) is just an average high school kid, trying to get good grades, maintain a decent social life, and get a date with the cute popular girl. But Nick has a secret. Ever since he won first place in a fitness contest in 7th grade, the government has been training him to be teenage spy. As if high school wasn’t hard enough, imagine having to assassinate Russian drug lords in all your free time.

Within the first scene of the series I was hooked. Watching Green kick ass in an action packed, gun slinging, one-man take down is one way to start a show. As unbelievable as watching 26 year old Rathbone strut around as a 16 year old high school kid is, I am willing to overlook that minor detail due to his bad boy good looks and unbelievably adorable smile. This web series is produced by McG, (whose other notable credits include the TV series Supernatural, Chuck, Human target, and Nikita. And movies such as Terminator Salvation) who has produced three pervious web series before this.  The mixture of good writing with good acting as well as lots of action and violence mixed with high school make this show definitely one to watch.

This web series consists of six to seven minute episodes coming out every Tuesday. Because this series is entirely on Facebook and you cannot watch it anywhere else, it goes without saying that you have to be logged into your account in order to watch it. This means that your name as well as pictures of yourself and friends can appear within the show. For example your name can appear scratched into a desk or on a flyer or even on a banner running for school president, as well as your profile picture and pictures of your friends. This may seem like a weird thing to mention but nothing makes you feel like you’re going insane more than seeing pictures of your Halloween party last weekend scan by really fast within a CIA file.

So go check out this new show and tell us what you think.