The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Guys: Wonder why she isn’t feeling you?

Franklin High’s female population spoke to Pantherbook this week to reveal the biggest pet-peeves high school girls find in men and why possessing even one of these qualities can guarantee you a one-way ticket for the rejection bus.

Demeaning Girls

Sexism is dead; try it and you’re dead.

Poor Sportsmanship

“I want to make this clear”  says senior,  Cerissa Jones “Sports obsessed, over-competitive guys can be hot, but when they can’t handle losing and they turn into a cry baby, their just annoying”.

One Word Texts

“I hate when guys text back with a `oh` or `haha`” explains sophomore Katherine Donahue “It’s obnoxious as anything”


Turns out guys who scuff down a super-sized Big Mac meal in under five minutes are not considered heroes rather he’s considered, as senior Alex Zollo puts it, “disgusting”.

Always Think Their Right

Junior, Sam Graudins tells “Narrow-minded people in general are hopeless, when there guys it’s just a turn off”

Abuses Drugs

Drugs may raise social status but as far as relationship status 10 out of 10 girls labeled drug use as “disgusting”.

Fart Jokes

Freshmen girls were quick to label this one as  “immaturity in it’s best form” according to Rebecca Allen.

Acting Different With Friends

Out of all four grades all girls found guys who acted two faced as “fake”.

Excessive Swearing

Throughout her four years of high school, Lauren Mancini says she “hates” abusing swear words because it shows a sign of “immaturity”.


From the words of junior, Kathia Reyes “Leave it to the girls, no one likes a drama King”

When asked what advice the girls would give to the guys four do not’s were listed.

Do Not: Be shy or avoid eye-contact when talking to them

Do Not: Treat them like one of the guys

Do Not: Assume what we are thinking, ask us

Do Not: Pretend to be someone your not