The Facebook Spam That Traumitized Us All

Sarah Chandler

Belieber or not, no one, Facebook user, seemed to have been in good health after falling victim to the most recent surge of Facebook spam that included explicit and violent, photo shopped images of people including teen idol, Justin Bieber.

“The links got sent out to my friends and family” says junior, Sarah Georges “It got to the point where I had to deactivate my Facebook for a
couple of days.”

The alleged Facebook hackers are rumored to be from the group known as Anonymous who had planned to take down Facebook on November 5th, 2011. Despite AnonymousWiki’s claim that it is “highly untrue” the group was involved in the production of the virus they are still the number one suspect according to The Washington Post.

“ This is exactly why I quit facebook and moved to Twitter” says junior, Taylor Lewis “It seemed like every other week Facebook had a new virus.”