Twilights’ latest movie causes seizures?

James MacLean

One of the most awaited films of 2011, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 has earned $221.3 million domestically for its past two weekends in theaters all around the world, with $489.3 million worldwide. But that’s not what is being talked about around the country when talking about the latest movie in the saga. Reports of the movies most climatic and gory scene, the birthing scene of Edward and Bella’s vampire child, is causing some audience members to leave before the movie is even over. The scene that includes flashes of red and white, and flashes of characters Bella, Edward, and Jacob has proven to be too much for some viewers who have left in medical care.

Brandon Gephart from California had to leave with paramedics after getting sick from the scene. His girlfriend had told police he was “convulsing, snorting, and trying to breathe.” His girlfriend became afraid for her boyfriend but after being taken out of the theater and rushed to the hospital he was okay. A Utah man had experience almost the exact same thing after viewing Breaking Dawn with his wife and was rushed to the hospital.

Dr. Michael G. Chez had told that the seizures are part of a photosensitive epilepsy. “It’s like a light going off because it hits your brain all at once,” he tells about the epilepsy. The darkness of the theater makes the movie seem more like a strobe light which can also affect the brain.

So, before you go and see the newest Twilight movie, think about if you can experience flashing red, white and black images because you defiantly do not want  to be taken out by paramedics because of seeing a movie that can affect your health.