Prime Suspect is Prime Entertainment

Paige Hardy and Paige Hardy

It is great to see a actor  portray a strong woman in the lead role of NBC’s new crime drama, Prime Suspect. The show stars Maria Bello a tough homicide detective  in a New York City Police Department prescient that is dominated by men.  She comes across as smart, funny, honest and sometimes abrasive, but clearly knows how to stand up for herself. Her colleagues tend to push her buttons in each episode, but also seem to respect and admire her professionalism. In many ways he is a mentor to them whether they realize it or not.

The original show was from England and starred academy award winning actress, Hellen Mirren. So far this series has had very favorable reviews,  but the viewership has fallen from six million to four and a half million viewers. NBC has halted production probably because of this.

One can only hope that this high quality crime drama will return to the airwaves before the network executives make it official and drop the series.