Adele’s 21 Album is Bestselling

Sarah Fitzgerald

Adele has once again stole the hearts of many fans with her touching music. Her songs are almost relatable, and people seem to never get enough of her. The singer undergone surgery to save her vocals and therefore had to cancel the rest of her live performances in 2011.  Her album is to be said best selling in the country, making 3.4 million sales. Adele’s 21 has not left the top 10 since its release and has been on chart for 45 weeks. “Someone Like You” is her most popular song and has over 55 million views on youtube. The singer’s album has been pushed to be nominated for 6 Grammys and Adele in response is speechless. She recalls that 2011 was her best year so far and she is proud to end with such incredible achievements. Adele first made her name in 2008 at only age 19. Critics and fans are dazzled by her mature voice and her remarkable talent. She is often called a diva but her friends and family call her a modest person and the adoration of her continues to grow. Her song “Someone Like You” has made fans feel pity for her and makes them hate whoever Adele is talking about in her song that broke her heart. The young singer continues to bring the “wow factor” to all of her fans and may the best of luck be with her at the Grammys.