“Mythbusters” Mishap

Karley Newton

“Mythbusters”, a show dedicated to proving old wives tales as true or false, recently had an unfortunate mishap which left a home with a sizable gap from a cannonball.

In Alameda County, California, a cannonball that was launched from the cast of the Discovery Channel show accidentally missed its target, and hit a home and a car in a nearby neighborhood.

It is not determined whether the incident was being filmed for an upcoming episode, or done by the crew to battle boredom. However, authorities say that the projectile made it through the house, and managed to hit a car on the other side of the impact zone, which surely quelled boredom for the homeowner.

Although no one was injured, the accident raises the question about the potential for future injuries caused by show stunts. Are the people of the crew taking all the necessary precautions to unsure safe demonstrations?

More likely than not, the accident was a fluke, and nothing will ever happen to that magnitude again. However, now that the accident has happened once, doubt will always surround any future experiment the show performs.