Duggar Miscarriage

Karley Newton

Almost everyone knows of the Duggar family, made famous for having nineteen children ranging in age from twenty-three to three, and their television show Nineteen Kids and Counting on the TLC network. They announced three months ago, via the Today Show, that parents Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar were soon to be expecting their twentieth child.

However, as of Thursday the Duggar family has sadly announced that Michelle has suffered a miscarriage while in her second trimester of the pregnancy. The couple found out during a routine checkup where they were supposed to find out the sex of the baby. The doctor was unable to find a hearbeat, and had to break the news that the baby was no longer alive.

The Duggars have said that they still want to name the baby once they find out if it is a boy or a girl, so they can hold a proper funeral for the child. This is the second miscarriage the Duggar family has had, and since the first they have said they wanted to leave the fate of how many children they have “up to god.”

In the meantime, Michelle is recovering at home, with the help of her huge family.  According to People Magazine, Michelle is quoted as saying “the kids are mothering me now. Jill brought me some food, and they  are taking good care of me.”  Jill is twenty years old, one of their oldest daughters, and is studying to be a midwife.

The Duggars are taking the loss well, because they’re able to rely on one another in their huge, happy family.