Back On Screen

Jordan MacLean

The Golden Trio is back! But they aren’t wielding their wands to save the wizarding world this time. One is battling a ghost, another is an English pilot and the other is a 50’s girl and then she’s a high school student.

 Daniel Radcliffe stars in a new horror “The Woman In Black” which comes out February 3, 2012. The movie tells the story of Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe), a widowed lawyer who travels to a secluded town when an important client of Arthur’s dies and he has to settle his affairs. Arthur takes shelter in the house in the marsh where strange things start to happen as soon as he moves in. He then encounters the ghost of the vengeful woman in black who lost something in life and now will do anything to get it back in death and until she does, the house and its occupants are doomed.

 Rupert Grint stars in a new movie “Into the White” where he plays a man named Robert Smith. The movie is set in the Norwegian wilderness when English and German pilots shoot each other down. They all later find themselves at the same cabin and in order to survive the winter weather they have to stand together. The movie follows the progression of the unlikely friendship that occurs between the two groups. The movie will be released March 9, 2012 but inNorway.

 Emma Watson has two new films coming to theaters. She stars as Lucy in “My Week with Marilyn” that was just released into theaters. The movie follows the tense interaction between Oliver of Sir Oliver’s Documents and Marilyn Monroe on production of the Prince and the Showgirl. She will also star in “Perks of Being a Wallflower” as Sam. The movie based off the book is about a freshman who is dealing with the suicide of his best friend, coping with his first love and his own mental illness all the while trying to find friends in high school.  The movie also stars Nina Dobrev from “The Vampire Diaries”, Logan Lerman (“Percy Jackson”) and Dylan McDermott. The movie will be released early 2012.