Fear Factor Returns!!!

Sean McKeown and Sean McKeown

After five years of waiting, the show that made eating gross things and doing crazy physical feats for money is back. Fear Factor returned Monday with two hot new episodes.

The first episode saw the contestants, odd as usual; compete to show how fearless they were. The first challenge required being tied to a rope that was attached to a helicopter and brought to speeding truck to throw barrels off of it. The second part was for the remaining contestants to eat a bunch of living scorpions. And the last stunt was them being strapped to a cement mixer and have to smash into a bunch of objects and grab flags.

These two episodes featured some weird characters. In the first episode there was a mother and son relationship that seemed awkwardly close. During the second episode which featured all broken up relationships, it seemed as if every team had something strange about them.

In the second episode there was a girl who was signed for the show and had to compete in a challenge which had her in a car underneath water and to grab the flags. When the challenge continued we saw her become an active drowning victim.

Fear Factor returned with the original host and brand new crazy stunts. Joe Rogan has been working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a commentator. He is back older, but funnier with the hit revived series.

How did you like the revived version of Fear Factor?


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