Are you ”Desperately Seeking Santa”? Or waiting for the “12 Dates of Christmas”?

James MacLean

ABC Family shines the “25 Days of Christmas” again with two new Christmas movies. While “Holiday in Hancuffs”, “Snowglobe”, “Santa Baby” and “Christmas in Boston”, all are ABC Family Original Movies, two new movies join the collection this holiday season.

“Desperately Seeking Santa” has a Boston feel to it, taking place at a “South Boston” mall. “12 Dates of Christmas” has a woman repeating her Christmas Eve over and over again.

“Desperately Seeking Santa” stars “What I Like About You”‘s Nick Zano and “Smallville”‘s Laura Vandervoort and aired orignally on November 27th. Zano stars as a man who is trying to save his familys pizzeria. He joins a contest, run by the executive manager of the South Boston mall, played by Vandervoort. The chemistry between the two young actors is great and really helps the couple to be taken seriously on screen. The movie can be watched here on

The 12 Dates of Christmas” takes a different route with a young woman being knocked unconscious and waking up with reliving Christmas Eve over and over. Amy Smart stars as Kate, who just found out that her ex-boyfriend is now getting engaged and being set up with a strange man by her step-mother. The man, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, shows her different things as she relives the days, realizing she won’t be alone forever and that their is more to life than a perfect boyfriend and a perfect life.

So if you have been looking for new christmas movies, stay tuned to ABC Family!