Top Five Gadgets of 2011

Karley Newton

As another year comes to an end, CNET 100 together their list of the top ten electronic gadgets of the year, and their impact on everyone.

  1. IPhone 4s 

The IPhone 4s is still outselling every other phone in the country, despite the fact that it appeared four months later than expected during the wake of false IPhone five rumors. It’s improved camera, graphics, and interactive assistant, Siri, is a huge hit with consumers everywhere

  1. Motorola Droid Razr

This phone is for anyone who has the original Razr phone in the early 2000s, when they were a huge hit. This new Droid has the same razor thin design, and offers lightening fast Google Android operating system.

  1.  IPad 2

The IPad 2 with its thinner and sleeker design and top speed has outsold any other tablet on the market in 2011. Its high definition camera is also stunning. The rumors of a new IPad 3 coming out is sure to excite all tablet obsessed.

  1.  The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is much like any other tablet with internet access, as well as a helpful reading device. However, this Kindle is only listed for $199 on Amazon, which proves to be an amazing bargain for any shopper.

  1. MacBook Air

Much like a tablet, the ultrathin laptop has no hard drive, starts up instantly, and does almost everything any tablet would do. The only real difference is the built in keypad, which many people still find to be a necessity on any device.

With all of these crazy gadgets that appeared in 2011, and no doubt changed society, it will be amazing to see what big companies produce in the coming years. Who knows, maybe we’ll all have microchips in our brains that act as computers soon!