Would You Live in the House of Horror?

Karley Newton

Anyone who watches the wildly popular show “American Horror Story” on FX is familiar with the incedibly haunted house that the show is set in. Although the actual house was only used in the pilot of the show, the fact that it has recently been put on the market should certainly scare prospective buyers.

The house is only portrayed as haunted on the show, and in reality has no reports of any suspicious activitiy, or ghosts.

However, “American Horror Story” is still using an exact replica of the interior of the house for all of its episodes. So, anyone who purchases the house and watches the show, should get used to seeing ghosts roaming their hallways.

The house itself has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and has 10,440 square feet of living space. It also features six fireplaces, a ballroom, recording studio, and many other luxery features.

Even with all of these awesome features, Nick Courtois, a Junior who watches the show, still has his doubts about future owners of the Los Angeles mansion.

“I think it’d be really weird to be sitting in that house watching the show, knowing that the characters are walking around in rooms that are exactly like the ones you’re living in,” he says. “I don’t know if I would be able to keep watching the show if I lived there, which is saying a lot since I have to make time for it every week.”