Contraband:The Next Best Action Movie

Jack Corsi

For years now, we have really waited for Mark Wahlberg to make his move in the action movie world. Contraband will be the movie we finally see Wahlberg’s real skill in the action movie world.

Wahlberg will play a man named Chris Farraday, a man who abandoned his life of crime and deceit long,long ago. But now with his brother in law in trouble, Wahlberg will have to resort back to his life of crime and deceit. He will have to take down cops, drug lords and hit men before the people he love will be taken from him.

Joe Seaver a senior at FHS, raved about the film.

“Contraband looks awesome, I loved the way the trailer looks and how cool of a plot line the movie has,” Seaver went on to say when asked if he will see it, “I’m planning on seeing it as soon as is comes out. I mean if not opening night, maybe night 2, it just looks that good.”

Myself being a Mark Wahlberg fan means I will undoubtedly see the movie. But with the way the plot line looks and how action packed it looks, makes me want to see it right now. Contraband in theaters January 13, 2012.