A New House for “American Horror Story” Season 2

James MacLean

FX’s hit show “American Horror Story” scared fans for 12 weeks, but cocreator Ryan Murphy spoke about his ideas for Season 2. It includes a new cast, new haunts and a new house. Season One’s main cast may return in different roles in the next season, but a new main cast will be seen when the show returns.

Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Taissa Farmiga shined as the Harmons, but their stories are done. The three actors as well as others may return for season two, but will be completely new characters or monsters. Sometime in February the new cast and storylines are to be announced.

The show will also be biding farwell to the house that was a key role in the series. A new home or building will be seen in Season Two, which will be located somewhere in the U.S. Murphy says goodbye to L.A. for his continuation of the series.

Junior Jayme Ellis tell of her disappointment, “I was really excited for Season 2 until I heard this news. I loved Violet and Tate, Constance, and Vivien and Ben. Now that I know they won’t be back for the next season, I am really considering not watching the show anymore.”

Will you be watching Season Two? How did you feel about the ending to the Harmons?