The New Season Of The Bachelor; Predicted To Be An Emotional One

Alicia Kutil

Last night, The Season Premiere of the Bachelor was on ABC at 8:00 pm. Although each season is filled with many tears and fights, this season was portrayed to be an especially dramatic one.

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This seasons bachelor, Ben Flajnik was rejected last season by Bachelorette Ashley Hebert when she turned down his proposal. This season, Ben is determine to “find love”.

First off, there were some pretty extreme entrancesn due to the fact that all of the girls were fighting for the first impression rose. Of course, the girl who rode in horseback won the rose.

However, the viewers of the show got quite a laugh out of the girl who brought her gramda with her. Yes, this girl decided to make a good family impression on the bachelor by bringing her grandma who tried to convince Ben what a good girl her granddaughter was. The Bachelor has never seen anything like this; interesting to say the least.

The show was filled with many tears and the claws have already come out and its only the first episode. Oh jeeys.

The greatest part of the entire show last night was the end, the preview of the rest of the season. It seems as though the season will only consist of tears, girls fighting, girls going home, and more girls crying and fighting.

ABC seems to have left viewers in confusion and concerned that Ben will not find love this season. Is the show trying to mislead viewers or will another Bachelor yet again go home empty handed?