Avatar 2 New Release Date

Avatar 2 postponed until 2016!

Yes we all love one of our favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time, Avatar. Bad news is that the second installment in the series will not be coming out until 2016. That’s a whole four years away!

According to producer Jon Landau, James Cameron stated that along with the late release of Avatar 2, Avatar 3 will not be coming out until 2017! The next film was originally set to release December of 2014.

Cameron plans to shoot both films back to back, meaning that the third film won’t be released until Christmas 2017. The films are most likely set to be in 3-D!

One of the reasons for the late release date is that the film is set to be filmed underwater! Cameron also stated that it is going to take place in the oceans of Pandora! That sounds absolutely amazing! We may have to wait a long time but it sure seems like it will be worth it!