Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names

Sarah Fitzgerald

Celebrities are known for giving their newborns the weirdest names that I have ever heard. They most likely do it because they want their children to be unique and famous, but who would ever want a name like Geri Halliwell and Sacha Gervasi‘s child, “Bluebell Madonna”? Or Jermaine Jackson‘s child, “Jermajesty?”

What has the world come to? Have the parents ever thought about the child’s future? Obviously a name like Jermajesty is bound to make fun of in the future. How about landing a job?

Celebrities’ children are guarenteed to have a wonderful career but how can people take goofy names seriously? I sure can’t.

Rob Morrow from the TV show Numb3rs named his kid, “Tu Morrow”. Really? That is a failed attempt to be clever. Why would you want to name your kid that? Make it plain and simple. But I do have to say these celebrities have creative minds for thinking of such bizarre names.

Actress Shannyn Sossaman named her child, “Audio Science”. This sounds like a class that someone would take at a local community college. Maybe these celebrities are just selfish and want to have their name more talked about by naming their child a bizarre name.

Frank Zappa named his children, “Moon Unit and Diva Thin Muffin”. How tacky can you get? Imagine at these childrens’ graduations when their name is announced to recieve their diplomas. Everyone would surely burst out laughing and think the child is bound to fail in the future.

If I was named something bizarre I would change my name in an instant. Because afterall, a lot of celebrities change their names. Apparently some of these celebrities don’t get enough attention, so they probably attempt to reserve a spot on the list of “Top 20 Weirdest Baby Names” or something.

Jason Lee, as funny as he is, tried a little too hard to humor people. He named his child, “Pilot Inspektor”. Jason Lee should probably stop trying to be funny because he just ruined his cool factor.

Recently, Beyonce named her child, “Blue Ivy Carter.” I guess it’s not tacky but it is unique. After all, Beyonce isn’t a name that you hear very often. She is the one and only Beyonce who will never be replaced. So Blue Ivy Carter is right there with her on the path of being unique.

So is this what the celebrity world has come down to? We can only hope for the best for the kids with bizarre names.