Back In Action Sherlock Holmes Two!

Do you need to see a good action/suspense movie? Based on the box office reports the movie made a total of 14.6 million dollars which was less than the first movie, that had a opening weekend sales of 24.6 million dollars.

This movie is about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson battling their arch enemy, Professor Moriarty.  Dr. Watson is about to get married and leave their detective practice.  Sherlock is happy for Watson but he still wants to have him connected in some way.

Professor Moriarty targets Watson to get back at Sherlock Holmes. Holmes needs to save and protect Watson and get him involved in one last case. Along the way, they meet Madame Simza Heron who is a gypsy and they try to find her missing brother, Renee who they think can defeat Moriarty.  All three of them team up to find him and get caught up in a hazardous plan.

Senior Katy DiRienzo said:

“Definitely a must-see for fans of the first!”

Senior Sean McKeown said:

“Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor, very skillful actor, and performer!”

Sophomore Laura Cafasso said:

“It was a really good movie, good comedic writing and everyone should go see it! I recommend it to all ages!”

I can attest to all three recommendations, as I also throughly enjoyed it.