Laura Cafasso, Writer

Earlier this week, the Queen of Pop released her new album “MDNA”, her twelfth album. This follows “Hard Candy” which debuted in 2008 with her hit single “4 Minutes”.

At 53 years old, Madonna is a music legend, having started her career back in the early nineteen eighties. With her new album, however, she has yet to explore new heights in her vocal and technical ability.

Robert Randall of the Los Angeles Times, remarked on MDNA, “[It doesn’t] offer much in the way of innovation . . . [she has] fallen behind . . . she is no longer setting the conversation in a genre she essentially invented.”

Randall is not the only critic, Nitsuh Abebe, of New York Magazine had this to say:

“A lot of the music here feels hollow and strained,” He said, “There is much expensive workmanship and machine-tooling around here, but not much . . . Madonna.”

But any type of publicity for Madonna, whether it be negative or positive, is beneficial to this learned professional. Already her new music video “Girl Gone Wild” was pummeled with an age restriction for viewers under eighteen on Youtube, according to Reuters. Its raunchy grinding and inappropriately dressed male dancers were cause for alarm.

This is not very unique for Madonna since in the past couple of months she has been under fire for possibly lip-syncing her songs during the Superbowl, and for the addition of M.I.A in one of the performances, leading her to display the middle finger. Also, having one of her videos scrutinized for its unsuitable content is not a surprise, since in 1990 her song “Justify My Love” was banned from MTV, as reported by Reuters.

Not only do some of her songs breathe rebellion and risque behavior, but her inspiration for her album’s title is a calamity brewing for conservatives in the media. What is obvious is the M, standing for her own name, and DNA meaning her own unique self. But the cover design, showing fading neon colors and Madonna’s face, suggests jubilation from ecstasy or MDMA.

Many of the songs are electronic pop tunes, suited for clubs and dances, such as “Girl Gone Wild”, “I Don’t Give an A”, “Gang Bang” and “Give Me All Ur Luvin’”. Surprisingly, she also includes a ballad dubbed “Fallin’ Free” which generally scored well with critics.

She also tries to appeal to a younger generation by adding in featured artists like Nicki Minaj and LMFAO as producers.

However, not all young adults are as receiving of Madonna. Freshman Avi Gundimeda had this to say:

“She’s a sellout!”

Even though her “club friendly tracks” may seem like trying to fit in with the multitude of upbeat electronic songs that are in today’s markets, not all of the students of Franklin High are disenchanted in her.

“I like Madonna’s popular songs because they’re upbeat and fun,” said sophomore Emily DeLucia.

Liam Devine, sophomore, an avid musician and recently a star in Grease, offered a very strong opinion.

“She’s an independent woman and Lady Gaga steals all her music!”

Another star of Grease, sophomore Chase Manning, offered nothing but pleasant ideas about Madonna.

“For her age she is still pretty good.”

So what is your opinion on Madonna Franklin High? Have you heard MDNA yet? Or did you think the critics were too harsh?

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