Need a Vacation?

Megan Proulx

Looking for a fun, out of the ordinary summer vacation? National Geographic has the top 10 best summer vacations if you’re looking for something interesting to do this summer.

On the top 10 list is: Muskoka Cottage Country, Ontario, Canada; Patagonia, Argentina; San Juan Islands, Washington; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska; Cardiff, Wales; Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden; Azores, Portugal; Roatan, Honduras; and Istria, Croatia.

If you’re like me, then you probably have no idea where half of these places are. But, based on research, many of the places above are vacation areas that are very high energy (and cold!). Many people imagine their summer vacations to be relaxing as well as adventurous, so if you’re like me, you might pick something like the Azores.

With the beach and jungle combination, it makes for a perfect summer getaway, if you like a fun in the sun vacations. From personal experience, I know that I would choose something like the Azores.

Last summer my family and I visited St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to see my cousin get married. The wedding was a great excuse to get away, if you really want one. The island is very relaxing and the people who live there year round are very relaxed all the time. They are welcoming to their tourists as well. Not only does St. John have great hospitality, but it also has so many things to do from just relaxing at the beach, to scuba diving, to hiking in the jungle.

National Geographic also picked out some great island getaways to choose from including: Bora Bora; Bali; Palawan Island, Philippines; Palau Rock Islands; Hawaii; Puerto Rico; and Sardinia.

Even if you don’t like tropical places with beautiful beaches and a sunny climate, everyone should consider the above vacations for a great summer getaway.