Fall season hits Franklin

Fall season hits Franklin

Fall colors beginning to pop over H wing

Jason Fasano, Writer

Last Saturday, September 22, marked the first official day of the fall season; Franklin locals seemed to have mixed emotions on the matter.

“Well on one hand, summer is over, so there’s no more going to the beach, but the fall has a lot to offer too” said Franklin High Senior Austin Toungthirath.

And it certainly does. From apple picking to leaf peeping, New England has lots to offer for autumn entertainment.

Just over the Franklin- Wrentham border is the Big Apple. This local farm offers acres of apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and more. In the store you can find all sorts of fall favorite, including apple cider, caramel apples, pies, muffins, donuts, and lots more. More information on the Big Apple can be found here.

Fall foliage is often another major selling point for most New England towns. As Franklin freshman usually learn in Biology, leaves change color in the fall because they stop photosynthesizing, which means they no longer produce chlorophyll, the molecule responsible for the green pigmentation of healthy leaves.

“A lot of kids seem to go to the football games; they’re pretty popular just for the social aspect. You don’t have to love football to go” said Franklin High Senior Conner Wardrop. Football does tend to have the largest crowds of any of the Franklin High Sports, although both the boy and girls soccer teams have their fare share of fans as well. To see the full schedule for all Franklin sports click here.

The Franklin Harvest Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary this Sunday, September 30. Described as an, “annual autumn block party,” by the Milford Daily News, the Harvest Festival will take place downtown Franklin and will feature live entertainment, games, booths, and food from local farmers. For more information click here.

“I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of raking leaves, but I am looking forward to some snowboarding soon, so I’m certainly glad that’s getting closer,” said Franklin High graduate James Ristaino.

Fall has come to some as a begrudging end to summer freedom, as a welcome change to leaf lovers, and to others as a bearable transition into the winter months ahead.

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