“Gangnam Style”…What??!


You might have been browsing channels on TV or looking up random Youtube videos when you were supposed to be doing homework and noticed a particular song that is the latest craze with its accompanying dance.  “GANGNAM STYLE”!

This Korean pop song, AKA Kpop by Korean rapper Psy went viral recently.  Ever since then, the music video has been viewed over 360,000,000 times on Youtube, making it the #7 most viewed video on Youtube, and it is on its way to #1!

Although the song is in Korean, recently it has attracted the attention of non-Korean speakers, and has been featured on several TV shows, such as The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and even CNN!

Just like the last viral song, “Call Me Maybe”, Gangnam Style has generated spoof videos, flash mobs, and other media.  Sophomore Abigail Weinberg commented, “The dance is hilarious, but the song is getting slightly annoying.”  Is Gangnam Style wearing out its welcome?

The song, although popular, cannot compare to the dance in which the dancer makes gestures like they’re riding a horse.  It’s hard to explain without showing a video dance tutorial!

Watch the video (if you haven’t already done so), try the dance, and comment below!