New to Theaters Friday October 5th

Ashley Jennings, Staff

Coming to theaters ,including Bellingham, this Friday October 5th is Frankenweenie, Pitch Perfect and Taken 2. Three movies appealing to multiple genres. Frankenweenie will appeal to children, lovers of Tim Burton and anyone who likes animated films. Pitch Perfect will attract mostly females and music fans;the film will most likely to be considered a chick flick. Taken 2 is a suspense thriller and a definite must for fans of the first Taken.

Frankenweenie is a stop motion animated film from Tim Burton with the option of 3D. Tim Burton also has other well known movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. The movie is 1 hr and 27 minutes long and rated PG. Some voices include Winona Ryder and Charlie Tahan.

This movie follows a young boy ,Victor, who’s dog dies. Victor brings his dog back to life with sciences. The dog is kept a secret until one day he gets out and the whole town knows. Victor soon realizes that it is not a good idea to bring his dead dog back to life.

“I am super excited for Frankenweenie to come out” says Franklin High school Olivia Staves comments on the movie. Staves has always been a fan of children’s movies.

Pitch perfect is a PG-13 rated movie starring Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick. The movie runs for an hour and 52 minutes.

The movie chronicles Becca a teenage girl starting a new school. Becca gets a random group of girls together to become friends and and sing. The main common ground the girls have is that they can all sing well. They get together to sing in competitions.

“I am excited for it because of the music and it reminds me of my favorite show Glee” Michaela Shimkus says.

Taken 2 is the sequel to Taken a movie about an ex CIA operative who’s daughter is kidnapped therefore he goes in search of her. This PG-13 movie runs for an hour and 32 minutes. Liam Neesen and Maggie Grace return for the sequel.

In the previous film Neesen kills the man who kidnapped his daughter. In this sequal Neesen and his wife are kidnapped by their daughters kidnappers father as a revenge for killing his son.

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